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Empowering Young  People One Story at a  Time

Through animated and interactive storytelling, I’ve Got This!™ reaches young people where they are and helps them develop social and emotional learning skills for empowerment and connection.  Our child experts incorporate 40 combined years of hands-on professional experience with the latest neuroscience-backed techniques, entertainingly infused into stories that generate laughter, enjoyment, and learning.  And the best part, young people get to be the authors of their own stories, befriending their challenges and transforming them to experience a new, empowered way of life. 

The Need

We created IGT knowing that kids are more disconnected than ever, have trouble self-regulating, and have little awareness of their internal mind-body-emotive experience.  Over the past decade, the number of youth suffering from mental health disorders has more than doubled, with 80% or 12 million of them going untreatedTeens are facing an anxiety epidemic.  Youth suicide attempts have quadrupled over the last six years and over 4 million young people in the United States have diagnosed anxietyContributing factors are technology and social media, lack of community, living in uncertain times, high expectations and pressure to succeed, and decreasing hours of sleep.  Our young people need help more than ever, and IGT is designed to reach them.

We Help Young People...

Connect body, mind and emotions.

Build peaceful relationships inside and out

Tap into their own resources and strengths

How We Do It:

Entertaining & Interactive Stories

Meet Blue: Our Story Guide

Blue’s entertaining stories introduce young people to tools that help them work through a particular issue.   Blue then directs the young viewers to create their own story of empowerment, applying the tools in a personal, meaningful way.  


Each program includes:


  • A brief animated video demonstrating the SEL tools

  • An interactive video to guide students in filling out their personal storybook

  • A storybook pdf or printed copy for each participant

  • A parent partnership guide 

  • “Blue Breaks”-a series of short recap videos to reinforce the SEL concepts and keep kids connected

Our stories incorporate social and emotional learning techniques backed by the latest research in neuroscience.  We are mostly inspired by the empowering, evidenced-based therapy model, Internal Family Systems (IFS).  Click below to learn more about IFS, our other influencers, and the research that supports our work.




Test Distress?

Bring on the Test!

I’ve Got This!™ presents Bring on the Test!, an innovative approach to test anxiety designed to create positive testing experiences for all elementary and middle school students, teachers, parents, and administrators.  Our child experts have combined the latest neuroscience research and evidence-based techniques with entertaining, interactive storytelling to create a personal experience of transformation for every student. Bring on the Test!  helps students turn testing dread and anxiety into confidence, focus, and energy.  And best of all, it takes very little class time and no training or prep, so teachers can stay focused on what’s most important — teaching!

Meet the Team

Dana Gillispie, Clinical Director

"We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization"  Martin Luther King Jr.

Randy Randolph, Creative Director

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"  A.A. White