Our Influencers

Our programs are fun and entertaining for young people AND full of techniques that are backed by evidence and grounded in neuroscience.  They are designed to help kids gain insight and empowerment, emotionally regulate, perform optimally, and increase connection with others.  

Here are the  influences and research behind I’ve Got This! and our exciting programs: 


Internal Family Systems (IFS)

One of our biggest influencers is Internal Family Systems, a mindfulness oriented, evidence-based therapy model/paradigm for understanding and harmonizing the mind. We apply the following facets of IFS in a fun, engaging way for powerful, transformative experiences for young people. 


  • Mindfulness- observing the mind- body experience

  • Externalization- Seeing the challenge or label as a part of ourselves with positive intent

  • Befriending- Rather than trying to get rid of a “problem behavior”, the focus is on building a relationship with it, understanding it, and partnering with it for positive change.  

  • Empowerment- engaging our inner strength and resources to help any challenging parts move into new positive roles.  

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