Bring on the Test!

Test Distress?

I’ve Got This!™ presents Bring on the Test!, an innovative approach to test anxiety designed to create positive testing experiences for all elementary and middle school students, teachers, parents, and administrators.  Our child experts have combined the latest neuroscience research and evidence-based techniques with entertaining, interactive storytelling to create a personal experience of transformation for every student. Bring on the Test!  helps students turn testing dread and anxiety into confidence, focus, and energy.  And best of all, it takes very little class time and no training or prep, so teachers can stay focused on what’s most important — teaching!



Bring on the Test! Is Designed To:

Cultivate a positive test-taking environment 

Keep teachers passionate about their jobs

Relieve test anxiety and the negative impact of tests on kids

Why Schools & Parents Need  

Bring on the Test!

Watch Our Test trailer

Bring on the test trailer

Our Vision

  • Every student will be introduced to a confidence-building intervention BEFORE taking a standardized test, preventing future years of distress and supporting optimal performance. 

  • The time leading up to tests will become a positive experience for entire classrooms and keeps teachers connected to the reasons why they chose teaching as a career

  • Parents will feel empowered to support their children in building test confidence

  • Schools will benefit from improved test scores, bringing more resources to teachers and students

Our Package Includes:

  • 15-minute animated story demonstrating the steps to building test confidence 

  • Interactive video to guide students in filling out their personal confidence building storybook (about a 15-minute process) that they can take home to share with their parent/guardian/s

  • Parent/guardian partnership handout to support them in building their child’s testing confidence

  • 5-minute interactive reboot video for test day (and any other test prep day)

  • A student storybook to complete and share with parent/guardian/s

  • A parent/guardian partnership handout

  • A companion personal storybook for parent/guardian/s


+ Additional for Schools:

  • A companion personal storybook for teachers

  • A classroom poster reviewing the steps to building test confidence

  • “Blue Breaks”-short videos led by the main character, Blue, to reinforce confidence and skills throughout the year

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Parents and other Professionals

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